Kapa Research: 55.7% of Greeks Support Policy of Welcoming Refugees in the Country


More than half of Greeks (55.7%) support the policy of welcoming refugees in the country, according to a poll conducted by Kapa Research on behalf of the Regional Association of Attica Municipalities, presented on Tuesday.

However 60% of those questioned want the government to “limit in every way possible the entrance of refugees,” against a 37.5% that want to facilitate their passage. At the same time, 93.6% said European leaders mishandled the refugee crisis and 86.9% have a negative view of Turkey’s demands incorporated in the EU-Turkey deal for migration.

Asked whether they perceive the presence of refugees as a threat, 49.3% of respondents answered positively while only 23% see it as an opportunity for the country.

Describing their feelings created by the refugee crisis, 67.4% said “anxiety,” 48.5% said “solidarity” and 47.6% said “compassion,” followed by “anger” (46.5%), “fear” (29.6%) and “tolerance” (12.9%). Those who said they are worried explained they believe the presence of refugees in the country will contribute to lower wages, an increase in crime and a change in national identity.

Source: ANA MPA