Atenistas Photo Contest ‘Athens Through the Photos of its People’


Atenistas, in collaboration with the Urban Rail Transport SA, is organizing a unique photo contest, which will be followed by a photo exhibition in the center of Athens, called “Athens Through the Photos of its People.” The aim of the contest and exhibition is to collect different “photographic” memories of people who lived their own story in the neighborhoods and streets of Athens.

How to Enter
Anyone interested must dig up old family albums (from 1900 until 1980) and find a photo which depicts someone or several people in an external space in Athens and its suburbs, with emphasis on the space. After scanning or taking a photo of the photo, all that’s left to be done, is to write a 40-140 word caption related to the person and the space that the photo shows and then press send!

The 60 best photos that are chosen by a five-member jury, will be exhibited in the Syntagma metro station for one week. In addition, three photos chosen by the jury and the public, will receive the prize of a travel card for all public transportation means.