Digital Journey to the Peak of Mount Olympus


    The Information Center of Olympus National Park will be offering a relaxed journey to the peak of Mount Olympus as of June 12, in Litochoro, Pieria.

    Visitors will be given a  tour through the vast flora that inhabit Mount Olympus, thanks to enriched and advanced photo technology.

    “It is a simulation of the climbing of the mountain,” explains Zoe Ftika, forest ranger of Elassona and Vice President of the Management Agency of Olympus National Park.

    The Information Center was created by the Management Agency of Olympus National Park with community funding, through delegation to the Goulandri Museum of Natural History. “The space is divided in levels, through which the visitors can see how the mountain’s nature shifts per altitude zone as you climb to the peak. In addition, Mount Olympus is presented from all different angles during all seasons and through history, thanks to an impressive 3D projection,” Ftika adds.


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