Last WWII Sailboat Arrives in Greece for Art Performances

hoppet708The last sailboat that survived World War II arrived at Elefsis Port on Friday for the artistic project “Meeting Odyssey”.

Hoppet, the 22-meter hull with the flag of Estonia participates in the social and artistic cooperation program that started in the Baltic Sea in 2014 and arrived in Greece on Friday.

The sailboat has two masts, eight sails and 10 cabins which can accommodate 20 people.

The project is a combination of theatrical themes from the “Odyssey”, contemporary issues of Europe and stories that will develop when the crew of the ship come into contact with communities in cities and ports.

Artists and organizers from various European countries will travel together, organizing workshops and staging theatrical performances, with the purpose of discovering different artistic landscapes and cultural traditions and to develop new partnerships at the European level.

According to the program the sailboat will be on Leros June 5-13, while the next stop will be the island of Lesbos, June 15-20. The “Hoppet” will also visit Lavrion, Ikaria and Skyros.

The project is a collaboration of various organizations from several European countries, mainly art and theater groups. The Greek partner is the theatrical team “Theatro Anapoda”.

So far, more than 350 artists have participated in the performances of “Meeting the Odyssey”, while 19,000 attendants saw the shows in 25 stops across Europe.