University of California Praises Medicinal Qualities of Arcadian Olive


Olive oil from the villages of mountainous Olympia, at the Peloponnese, comes from a special brand of olive known as Horaitiki and has a characteristic bitter taste.

A study by the University of California found that the olive oil from the region has the highest portion of pharmaceutical characteristics. The results of the research is being presented at a conference taking place at Ancient Olympia with prizes awarded to local producers.

Arcadia’s Vice Mayor Vangelis Giannakouras said that the two regions of Arcadia and Ilia, apart from having common geographical characteristics have olive oil that has scientifically been proven as able to bring development to the regions provided it is exploited correctly.

He also cast the spotlight on the Arcadian and Olympian pomegranate that has noted a revival in production during the crisis.

He said that the climate and conditions in the area help create the best produce. He said that the movement known as “Arcadia” relies on the natural environment in the area.