Poll Shows New Democracy 7.5% Ahead of SYRIZA in Greece

voteThe first opinion poll conducted after the legislation of the new austerity measures in Greece, shows New Democracy at 7.5% ahead of SYRIZA.

The poll on intention to vote was conducted by ALCO on behalf of Proto Thema Sunday newspaper from My 30 until June 2.

Specifically, on intention to vote, the results were:

ND: 21.3%
Golden Dawn: 6.8%
KKE: 5.4%
Democratic Coalition (PASOK-DIMAR): 3.6%
Popular Unity: 2.6%
Centrists’ Union: 2.5%
ANEL: 2.1%
Plefsi Eleftherias: 2%
To Potami: 1.8%
Other parties: 4.2%, Blank: 4.4%, Abstain: 11.9%

If elections were to be held today, the participants would vote as follows:

ND 25.4%
SYRIZA 17.9%
Golden Dawn 8.1%
KKE 6.5%
Democratic Coalition 4.3%
Popular Unity 3.1%
Centrists’ Union 3.0%
ANEL 2.5%
Plefsi Eleftherias 2.4%
To Potami 2.2%

At the same time, 75% of respondents answered they don’t trust Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, 17% said they trust him and 8% didn’t answer or were undecided.