Greek Publisher’s Porsche Exploded Due to Mechanical Failure


    A technical team examined the Porsche of Greek Acropolis newspaper publisher, Panagiotis Mavrikos, who burnt to death after it was enveloped in flames. They came to the conclusion that the explosion was the result of mechanical failure.

    A gas leak due to an engine malfunction appears to have caused the fire. The investigation showed that the explosion was not the result of a criminal act. The central offices of Porsche will be sent some parts from the jeep for further investigation.

    The condition of Mavrikos was also examined. Information has led police to conclude that the publisher may not have been in a condition to drive on June 9. Police leaked information to Eleftheros Typos newspaper, suggesting that Mavrikos was not fully alert when he took the wheel. Not fully alert, Mavrikos’ reflexes were not what they should have been which explains why he bumped into the curb five times and why he was slow to react.

    In addition, the seatbelt was fastened, however investigators believe that the driver was not wearing it.

    There were no traces of smoke on the co-drivers window, suggesting that Mavrikos could have escaped by sliding to the passenger seat.


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