Study Shows Economic Crisis Led Many Greeks to Quit Smoking

tsigaroDespite the fact that there isn’t a single non-smoking restaurant or bar in Greece and the deputy health minister is smoking provocatively at press conferences in the ministry, Greeks are proving to smoke less in 2016.

The drop in regular smokers compared to 2009 is 14.4%, a new study shows, and this has absolutely nothing to do with anti-smoking laws that exist on paper but are not enforced. It is rather due to the economic crisis.

Analysts attribute the drop to belt-tightening, their argument enhanced by the fact that the number of occasional smokers has risen. They say that the 11.7% rise in occasional smokers is attributed to people not affording to smoke regularly or resorting to bum the occasional cigarette.

Regarding age, the study shows that Greeks start smoking at a younger age, with 27.3% above the age of 15 being regular smokers, 5.3% are occasional smokers and an impressive 67.4% do not smoke at all. It further shows that 51.4% have never smoked, while a further 16% have quit smoking for at least 6 months.

Finally, the study shows that 39.4% of men smoke on a regular or occasional basis, compared to 26.4% of women.