Refugee Influx Sparks Rise in Crime as Situation Gets Desperate

lesvos refugees

The refugee flow to Greek islands from Turkey is continuing at a rapid pace, creating stifling conditions at hot spots. A total of 268 people have entered Greece from Friday until Tuesday. On Monday morning, 44 refugees and immigrants came to Greece of which 35 landed on the island of Kythnos that is not a usual “destination.” On Sunday, there were 122 arrivals of which 41 landed on the island of Samos, 34 on Kos (where there is no hot spot), and 28 on Lesvos. On Saturday, 32 refugees and immigrants arrived, whereas there were 70 arrivals on Friday.

There were 2,904 refugees and migrants trapped on Lesvos on Tuesday morning as the European Union agreement with Turkey was applied. In Chios, there are 2,596 foreigners and another 1,182 on Samos. Greek islands have a total of 6,682 refugees and migrants.

The increase in numbers is accompanied by an increase in the crime rate with a number of foreign nationals turning to crime for survival as their money runs out. Two Syrian nationals were arrested at Chios airport after providing authorities with forged Romanian identification. On the island of Samos, two Syrian nationals aged 43 and 48 years of age were arrested for child neglect after the three minors were caught shoplifting from a store at Vathy.

Three other Syrians, aged 20, 31 and 35 years, were arrested for theft after stealing alcoholic beverages and soft drinks from a store.


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