The Hellenic Initiative Brings Hope to Entrepreneurs in Greece via Venture Fair 2016

    the venture fair athensThe Athens Hilton Hotel will be hosting the 2nd Annual Venture Fair on June 28.

    The event is one of the major efforts put forth by The Hellenic Initiative (THI) in hopes of bringing investment to Greece at this most critical time of need.

    THI is a global, nonprofit, secular institution whose mission is to empower the Greek Diaspora and Philhellenes around the world and to invest in the future of Greece and its people.

    There will be many vetted companies participating in the fair that are prepared by THI consultants beforehand for the “American Style” event that will unite investors from all over, including the Greek Diaspora.

    The project is vital to rebuilding Greek investments, the economy, job creation and promoting a positive social change in Greece.

    For more information and to see the agenda and participants see:



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