Taverna’s Blunt Message to Clients Re: Economic Crisis Goes Viral

naxosThe Greek island of Naxos is a popular tourist destination and is now getting attention for something other than its beautiful beaches and amazing sights.

A list written by a taverna owner has gone viral, as it explains “additional” information for the customer rather than the typical disclaimer that customers do not have to pay unless given a valid receipt.

The frustration is brimming for businesses on the islands who had previously enjoyed a lower tax rate than mainland Greece to compensate both for the high cost of food imports and to help the islands boost holiday tourism rates and lower the prices of goods in shops and tavernas.

Recently the Greek government scrapped this program and is applying a blanket VAT 24 percent rate on the islands, including Naxos, on a vast variety of goods and services including supermarkets, petrol stations, gift shops, clothes boutiques and tavernas.

The taverna owner has clearly reached point-break as the list breaks down exactly where the tax paying euros of the impoverished Greeks ends up and how the crisis has progressed to the point it is currently at. Now, after being posted on social media, it has gone viral.