‘Loan Sharks!’: Athens Archbishop Ieronymos Criticizes Greece’s Creditors


Athens Archbishop Ieronymos told the Pan-Thracian Committee that Greece is being “blackmailed by its creditors.” He described Greece as being water boarded. “They are drowning us, they are leading us to asphyxiation, until they achieve full surrender,” he said. “Bailouts aren’t new phenomena. We have seen them before in the modern history of Greece.” He said that Europe of “solidarity” and collaboration in Christian spirit has turned to Europe of “exploitation and loan sharks of trade,” he said, adding that as long as Europe distances itself from its Christian spirit there will be no future.

He attributed the waves of euroskepticism to people turning away from Christianity. He invited European leaders to “respect culture, traditions, morals and the habits of every nation.”

“I hold no false hopes. Foreigners won’t leave Greece until the history of our country loses its color, our nation turn away from religion, to cut ourselves off from our roots and traditions, and to enter into a new cycle of history,” he said, addressing more than 300 priests.


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