Urban Guerrilla Group Claims Responsibility for Last Month’s Execution-style Murder of Drug Dealer ‘Habibi’ in Exarchia

habibi murderOn Saturday a newly formed group calling itself Armed Militia Groups claimed responsibility for last month’s execution-style murder of an Arab drug dealer in the neighborhood of Exarchia in Athens.

The 36-year-old victim is known as “Habibi” and is believed to have been involved in drug trafficking and related crimes for several years in central Athens.

“We claim responsibility for the execution of the mafioso Habibi, who for years has been the driving force behind incidents of violence against locals and regulars in the Exarchia area, culminating with the murderous attack on three comrades in the occupied Vox social center in March,” Armed Militia Groups wrote on an anti-establishment website called Indymedia Athens on Saturday.

In June Habibi was gunned down in broad daylight by two hooded assailants on a motorcycle who fired 5-6 shots, wounding him in the neck, chest and head. He later died in the hospital about an hour after the incident.

“Habibi” supposedly had ties with the Albanian Mafia and was known for drug trafficking by the police and throughout the community.