Athens Democracy Forum to Bring Together Business Leaders, Leading Economists and Academics

Athens Democracy ForumThe Athens Democracy Forum being organized by The New York Times is set to bring together some of the most prominent speakers that are leading the way in their respected fields.

Business Leaders, statesman, economists and academics are all preparing to discuss issues facing liberal democracies and nations economies at the Athens talks taking place from September 14-18.

Not surprising, a main focus of the talks will be about migration, religion and liberal democracies, the global refugee crisis and the role of business in fostering democracy.

The Athens Democracy Forum will be hosted by award-winning journalists from The New York Times and will have many distinguished speakers of international variety, including Greece’s former finance minister Yanis Varoufakis, Greece’s President Prokopis Pavlopoulos and the mayor of Athens Yorgos Kaminis.

The forum is also set to travel to the Peloponnese region of Greece from September 17-18 where it is scheduled to undertake a special Architecture and Democracy panel discussion to take place at Costa Navarino.


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