PM Alexis Tsipras Attends Youth Parliament, Meets With Teens


Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras attended the 2016 session of Greece’s annual “Youth Parliament,” which concluded on Monday. The prime minister was given an enthusiastic welcome by the teenage “MPs,” who welcomed the opportunity to meet him and talk to him about the issues that concern young people, while many also seized the opportunity to take a selfie with him on his visit.

The closing session was also attended by Parliament President Nikos Voutsis, Democratic Alliance President Fofi Gennimata, Potami leader Stavros Theodorakis and the head of the Centrists’ Union party Vasilis Leventis, as well as Education Minister Nikos Filis and Justice Minister Nikos Paraskevopoulos.

The annual “Youth Parliament” is an educational program organized by the Hellenic Parliament since the 1995-1996 school year opened to all high-school children throughout the country and in Cyprus, as well as Greek expatriates.
(Source: ANA-MPA)