EP Stats on Women in Greece Show Bad Tidings


The General Secretariat of Gender Equality published a report focused on the situation for women in seven countries facing consequences of the economic crisis. The European Parliament’s data (June 2016) showed that the rate of development was reduced by 26.7 percent for the period from 2008-2013 in Greece, whereas unemployment rose by 15 units for both genders.

Men were pushed out of the employment market and women intensified their efforts to find work. The participation of Greek women in female-held sectors of education increased by 1.7 percent and 4.2 percent in the sector of social security. There were more women in retail trade (76-90 percent of the workforce) whereas men were at 66 percent. Women made up 30 percent of workers in Greek industry.

Female employment in Greek civil administration was reduced by 28.3 percent for the period of 2009-2013.

In 2013, only 14 percent of children aged under three years and 69 percent of preschool children participated in official childcare, with the European average at 27 and 82 percent respectively.

The EP report states that six member states have not yet recovered from the first recession (Ireland, Greece, Portugal, Italy, Spain and Croatia), whereas the majority of countries are undergoing a fragile and uncertain recovery.