New Greek Bill Takes Burden Off Tax Evaders


A draft tax bill clause that was submitted to Greek Parliament on Wednesday extends an invitation to tax evaders to return to the taxpaying system on beneficial terms. The new legislation had been chartered by the government in August 2015.

Tax infringements pinpointed by the relevant authorities by the end of July 2015 but that have not been issued a fine — such as cases currently awaiting court trial or brought before arbitration — can make use of the beneficial clauses of the bill and pay reduced rates of as much as 50-90 percent.

It should be noted that this practice is not aligned to the government’s previous rhetoric concerning clamping down on tax evasion. In the past, the leftist government had criticized previous governments of offering respite to large tax evaders.

Finance Ministry officials state that the goal of the new bill is based on a need to increase revenue collection that the collection mechanism would never have otherwise gathered. Now the new Clause 45, calls on those who issued fake or plasmatic receipts to come forth and admit to their violations so that they can be penalized on more beneficial terms.