Greek-Italian Trade is Up in Tourism and Exports


The President of the Greek-Italian Chamber of Commerce, Ioannis Tsamichas, said that 9.46 percent of Greek exports are absorbed by the Italian market, during his address of an event being held to pass the presidency of the Greek-European Chamber Union to the Greek-German Chamber of Athens.

He said that the product deficit is at 2.473 billion euros from 2.871 billion euros in 2010, whereas the value of Greek commercial exchange between Greece and Italy is at 7.721 billion euros compared to 6.411 billion euros in 2015.

Greece is also a basic destination for tourism, second in Italian vacation preference behind Spain for travel abroad. From 2005 until 2011 there has been an average of 1,640,000 Italian tourists traveling to Greece each year. Parallel to this, Greece maintains its position as a basic trade partner with Italy when it comes to the absorption of goods and services with transactions valuing 4.597 billion euros.

Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Dimitris Mardas said that collaboration between Greece and Italy has increased, while also making reference to the successful internet platform known as ProGreece.

The event was also attended by New Democracy Foreign Secretary Chief Ioannis Kefaloyiannis, Centrist Potami Deputy Spyros Danelis and other trade and government officials.