270 More Migrants Reached Eastern Aegean Islands Last Week

A dinghy of refugees and migrants is towed by a Turkish Coast Guard fast rigid-hulled inflatable boat on the Turkish territorial waters of the North Aegean SeaAccording to a report on Sunday by the ANA-MPA, last week the total amount of migrants that reached the shores of the eastern Aegean reached 270.

The number of 270 migrants is reflective of a mere 5-day period from last Tuesday until Sunday, seeing 84 individuals reach the Greek island of Chios and a mere three people made it to the island of Samos.

These numbers may seem small but one must remember that there are already pre-existing communities of asylum seeking migrants on both of these islands living in dire conditions as the economic-stricken country of Greece does its best to provide for the refugees.

Chios has a total of 2,480 migrants while Samos has 1,059, according to ANA-MPA.

The Greek island of Lesvos hosts some 2,960 migrants as well.

ANA-MPA has reported that the latest number for how many refugees in Greece are seeking asylum has risen to 6,499.