The Situation in Turkey is Strange and Remains Uncertain, Alternate Def. Min Says

Turkey_coup2As Turkey is in a strange situation – the situation has not normalized yet – you always have some concerns and you ought to take measures, Alternate Defence Minister Dimitris Vitsas said in statements to private SKAI TV regarding the latest developments in Turkey.

He also expressed his hope that Turkey’s stance on the refugee issue and the agreement signed with the EU would not change. “It is in the interest of Turkey not to change. The whole procedure should continue to the end. We will do what we need to do and what we have agreed to do,” he underlined adding that refugee flows have not increased over the last days.

Regarding the asylum seekers, he said: “The situation is under Greek and international law. Decisions will be taken by the judges. So, we can speak only politically.”

(Source: ANA-MPA)