Mega Channel’s Out as Final Stage of Greek TV License Tender Announces 7 Finalists

TelevisionOn Tuesday the General Secretariat for News and Communication in Greece announced the seven final bids that will be contending for the final stage of a tender for four national television licenses.

This newly instated overhaul of distributing television licenses is an initiative of Greece’s left-wing government, Syriza, in hopes to curb corrupt under the table transactions taking place “involving media owners with stakes in public works contracts,” The AP said.

The seven contenders that are going forward to the next stage of the competition are SKAI SA, NTV Nea Tileorasi, Antenna TV, Alpha Satellite Television S.A., Ioannis-Vladimiros H. Kalogritsas, E TV and Alter Ego.

There were also losers in the tender who saw their bids for a national television license rejected.

On Tuesday evening, Greece’s Information Ministry said that the major television station, Mega Television, has been eliminated following a string of financial difficulties over the past few months and even years.

The AP reports that Mega has fallen “behind on payroll and other payments.”

The final selection of the four stations to be granted licenses will take place in August.