Telegraph: Greek Hero Who Dies to Save His Sister in Munich Shooting

Greek HeroThe Greek citizen who was killed during the shooting at Olympia shopping mall in Munich sacrificed himself to save his sister, says a Telegraph report.

According to the British newspaper citing a journalist who spoke to BBC5, the young Greek man was shot twice outside the fast food restaurant.

The journalist said that the victim pushed his sister to save her while the perpetrator was shooting indiscriminately. The Telegraph calls him a hero for saving his sister.

The 18-year-old Greek is Huseyin Dayicik, a native of Thrace who had emigrated to Germany where he lived with his sister. Reportedly, they went to the shopping mall to buy presents for their relatives in Greece before leaving for vacation in their homeland.

The report further says that their father suffered a heart attack and was transferred to the hospital when he heard of his son’s death.

Information about the Greek victim was confirmed by the Foreign Ministry.