Public Issue Survey Reveals Majority of Greeks Want to Stay in the EU

eu_greeceIt appears as though times are changing in Greece, or at least the sentiment of the Greek people towards the EU and a possible Grexit.

According to a survey by Public Issue, the people of Greece have spoken, and overwhelmingly, want to stay in the EU.

This is quite a contrast to the atmosphere in Greece a couple of years ago.

Perhaps witnessing the repercussions of a Brexit have influenced the shift, but make no mistake about it, the Public Issue survey reveals that 56 percent of Greeks would vote to stay in the EU if they voted today on the issue, as only 39 percent would vote to leave.

Furthermore, it seems as though Greeks are adopting a more positive opinion of the EU these days as according to a survey published by the Greek newspaper, Avgi, which published a survey stating that 44 percent of Greeks have a positive opinion about the EU and 55 percent of Greeks think positively about the euro.

However, with all of the praise regarding the EU and euro, there is an underlying discontent with the structure of the EU and the lawmaking authority of Brussels.

According to the same survey by Avgi, 72 percent of those who responded to the survey want to see Brussels resign much of its power to give national governments more power and autonomy regarding their government structure and laws. Only 12 percent found the status quo with Brussels acceptable.