Greek photographer Babis Giritziotis has started a unique project that offers a unique virtual tour of Mount Olympus’ highest summits.

The Mount Olympus Summits 360° project records videos above the altitude of 2.000m (55 recorded to date) creating a unique virtual tour of the Mountain of Gods.

“Anyone is now able to explore each and every summit with just a click,” says the Greek photographer.

In fact, it is unique experience, beholding the awe-inspiring, spectacular views from the highest mountain-symbol of Greece. Experience the video below:

The project has started in winter 2015. It requires more than 50 ascents to the summits of Olympus, at least 200 days of residence in the mountain, and is expected to last more than 12 months.

“Capturing the summits throughout the year will give the opportunity to the website’s visitor to admire the splendor of the mountain in all seasons,” said Giritziotis.

The photographer adds that the project’s website will be enriched, along with 360° photos, with several photographic views, videos and time lapses from different points of Olympus mountain.

“We will also deliver myths and stories about the mountain of the gods, short stories of people who lived and live on it, as well as tour personal experiences during the project.”

Visit the Mount Olympus Summits 360 website to learn more.