Turkish Soldiers Seeking Asylum in Greece Get Extension

τουρκThe eight Turkish military officers who fled to Greece after the coup attempt in the neighboring country received an extension to their application for asylum.

The eight asylum seekers, accompanied by their lawyers, appeared before the Greek asylum service and asked for an extension to prepare their interview. The service gave them new interview dates on August 19, 23, 24 and 25.

The Turkish officers crossed the border on a helicopter and landed on Alexandroupolis airport, in the northeastern part of Greece, close to the border.

The Turkish government demands of Greece to extradite the eight men in order for them to be tried for attempting to overthrow the government. Ankara promises a fair trial.

However, the asylum seekers claim that if they are returned to Turkey they would be killed or tortured.

The interviews are part of the process of evaluating the asylum applications made by the eight last week. Under law, applicants have seven days after their application is submitted in which to prepare for the interview. Once the interviews are complete, an asylum service employee will announce the primary-level decision. If asylum is refused, the applicants can appeal and their application is then reviewed again in a secondary process.