Philippos Niarchos Travels Incognito to Stavros Niarchos Landmark Venue


Greek tycoon Philippos Niarchos is in Athens. An exclusive report in Greek newspaper Proto Thema states that he arrived at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center in a Learjet to survey the landmark venue that bears his father’s name.

Niarchos came to Athens incognito to oversee first-hand the final details of the center designed by Italian architect Renzo Piano. He wanted to see up close how his 617-million-euro investment had been utilized.

The center is a modern jewel in Athens standing at the Faliron delta. Set to be the new home of the Greek National Opera and National Library of Greece, the center has already offered a bevy of free events to draw the public.

Stavros Niarchos Jr, the brother of Philippos, could not attend the private tour due to previous obligations.

There are rumors that, following his stopover in Athens, the visiting Niarchos will head to Spetsopoula, the family’s private paradise across from the Sporadic island of Spetses. Following his relaxing break, the tycoon will head back to business in either London or New York.


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