Protesting Farmers Block Customs in Northern Greece

ResizerGreek farmers and stock breeders on Thursday blocked with their tractors the customs office of Evzonoi in northern Greece, protesting against the new fiscal measures.

From 12 noon until 2 pm, 30-40 tractors had blocked incoming and outgoing traffic on the border with Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

Farmers and stock breeders of the Kilkis region are protesting the new hikes in taxes and security fund contributions, returns on fuel consumption that are in arrears, and delayed state support on farming.

The protesters will convene to discuss if they are to continue the road block.

“We feel cheated. We want OGA [the farmers’ security fund] to remain autonomous, and the government is trying to turn it into something else. Our security contributions have risen sharply. For the second half [of 2016] they ask for 650 euros in contributions when it was 450 euros until now. Also we are reacting to outstanding payments on fuel oil, that are due since 2013, and support for organic farming,” told ANA-MPA news agency the president of the Association of Sheep and Goat Breeders of Kilkis, Christos Solomonides.