EU Residents are Also Exempted from Inheritance Tax for Primary Home in Greece

720_111286_0be025a9a4-afac8e90450ad26fThe Greek finance ministry is expected to align with a European Court ruling that says all EU residents are exempted from paying inheritance tax for their family’s primary home.

So far the rule applied only to Greek citizens living in Greece. The tax exemption was seen as a social benefit for Greek residents who had lost their parents or relatives and were under stress and grief. Thereby the primary home was not seen as a property with investment potential so as to be taxed.

After the European Court decision, the Greek government considers amending the provision of Article 26, by extending the tax exemption benefit to include citizens of European Union member states who don’t reside in Greece.

The amendment will benefit Greeks who live permanently in other EU countries and until now, had to pay inheritance tax on properties belonging to their families.


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