Greek Island Declares State of Emergency Due to Fires

    IMG_3692Fires have been raging on the Greek island of Evia for the last three days. The Limni area in northern Evia is in a state of emergency, while the fire department is battling a double front. At the moment, no settlements are at risk, however, the two fires have caused incalculable damage to the region.

    limniAccording to local media two new flaming fronts are currently raging on the island, one is moving towards the Galataki Monastery, fueled by southeast winds. The second is spreading through the area of Faraklas, towards Archangelos. The fire department is attempting to open roads in order to reach the second fire front since the area is not easily accessible by vehicle.

    In total, 140 firefighters, 58 vehicles, 74 hikers, 30 soldiers, 27 water vehicles, 12 excavators, three aircraft and three helicopters are participating in the efforts to battle the fires.

    Citizens’ Protection Minister Nikos Toskas arrived in Limni on Monday to assess the situation and chaired a meeting of local and regional officials.
    After the meeting he stated that the situation is slowly getting better, but he still called for residents to be vigilant.

    Toskas congratulated and thanked firefighters working in the region, for their tremendous efforts.

    According to information released by the General Secretariat for Civil Protection, on Monday, August 1, there was also a high fire risk in the areas of southern Attica and Evia.


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