Greek Foreign Ministry Secret Document Posted on Anarchist Website

presveia-tourkia-eggra708A secret Greek foreign ministry document regarding the attack of anarchist group Rubicon against the Turkish embassy in Athens was posted on anarchist website indymedia.

On July 26 members of the anarchist group Rubicon threw red and black paint at the Turkish embassy building in central Athens. They also threw flyers in support of the people of Turkey.

The same day, the embassy called on the Greek foreign ministry to intervene with the Greek authorities so that the culprits be brought to justice, to prevent recurrence of such an attack in the future and increase security measures for Turkish diplomatic and consular missions in Greece and other bodies of Turkish interests, located in Greece.

The foreign ministry sent a letter to the interior ministry and the Greek police and Deputy Citizen protection Minister Nikos Toskas, asking for the protection of the Turkish and all Turkish mission personnel in Greece. It also forwarded the embassy request. The document was notified to the prime minister’s diplomatic office.

However, the foreign ministry document – marked secret – that was sent to the interior ministry and the deputy citizen protection minister, was uploaded online and specifically on anarchist website indymedia.

Rubicon has posted a long statement on indymedia claiming that they support Turkish people against the “Erdogan regime,” but at the same time they are not for the military men who attempted the coup. They also blame the Greek government for maintaining friendly ties with the “fascist regime in Turkey” and attack Greek police for arresting members of the group after “taking orders” from the Turkish embassy.