Hundreds of Unaccompanied Children Among Asylum Seekers in Greece

παιδια-προσφυγες-735x400After the completion of the pre-registration process of asylum seekers in Greece, hundreds of unaccompanied children were found among them.

The pre-registration process started on June 8 by the Greek Asylum Service and was implemented with the support of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and the European Asylum Support Office (EASO) .

Several temporary pre-registration centers operated for the purpose of pre-registering asylum applicants, granting temporary stay cards to thousands of migrants. The card allows asylum seekers to reside legally in the country and have access to health and education services.

Those who participated in the pre-registration process will soon be informed by the Asylum Service of the date and the place where they can submit their application, including applications for family reunification or relocation.

According to data analysis for the June 9-July 5 period, out of 20,100 applicants, 48% were children with 690 of them having arrived in Greece unaccompanied. Overall, 56% of asylum seekers are male and 44% female.

The majority of the children seeking asylum are 15-17 years old (75%), while 19% are 10-14 years old.

Regarding country of origin, more than half of the children who arrived in Greece without being accompanied by an adult, originate from Afghanistan (51%), while of the 33% of the 690 unaccompanied children come from Syria and 13% from Iraq.

Also, at least 2,143 people seeking asylum belong to vulnerable groups with 16% being pregnant or postpartum women.