StateMin Pappas: TV License Tender On Schedule, Auctions to be Held in August

TelevisionThe tender launched by the government for the awarding of TV licenses to broadcasters is progressing according to schedule and the auction is expected to be held in August, State Minister Nikos Pappas said on Tuesday in an interview to the private radio station “Sto Kokkino.”

“The tender is progressing according to schedule. We’re in the phase where the pre-selection is being completed, the participants – those who have submitted their files – have exercised their right to submit complaints against other bidders,” Pappas said.

“It seems there are a fairly small number of complaints and now, according to the specified procedure, the complaint committee should decide as quickly as possible in order to send invitations and announce the final list of participants in the tender,” he added.

He also said that the committee decision is expected before August 15 and the auction will be held within the same month.

Source: ANA-MPA