Coup, Escobar, Olympic Games: July’s Most Popular Entries on Greek Wikipedia

mobile-phoneThe word “coup,” referring to the attempted coup in Turkey last month, was by far the most searched word in the Greek Wikipedia in July with 3,523 readings on average per day, according to data.

It was followed by the name Pablo Escobar – possibly because of a popular TV series showing in Greece – and the words Olympic Games with 2,270 and 1,162 readings per day respectively.

The top 10 was completed with the words: Greece, Cristiano Ronaldo, Aliki Vougiouklaki (popular actress from the 60’s), catalog of Greek TV series, Turkey, European Football Championship 2016 and European Football Championship (generally).

In the English Wikipedia, the most popular words in July were: Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and members of their families, as well as Pokemon Go (in the Greek Wikipedia, Pokemon Go was at 68).

(Source: ANA-MPA)


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