German Press Sees Varoufakis’ Book on Economy as ‘Pleasant Reading’

varoufakisThe German press overall review of Yanis Varoufakis‘ book “Talking to My Daughter About the Economy” is that it is a pleasant reading for beginners, regardless of age.

The book has been published in German by Munich publishing house Hanser. According to a Deutsche Welle report that has collected the reviews on several publications, the former finance minister’s book is a light read, mainly for beginners, written by an eccentric character who tries to impress.

The critic of Berliner Zeitung wrote that, “What is left by the former finance minister is a caricature of an anticapitalist who denounces with boldness and verve the bad aspects of free economy – without taking into account that this system has secured a longer, healthier and more prosperous life for the majority people.”

In Süddeutsche Zeitung the reviewer says that, “This is not a children’s book and is not an introduction to economics. It is an introduction to the Yanis Varoufakis world of ideas, and in that sense it is a political book. One is frightened by the writer’s precocious effort to secure his work from criticism and then rename that effort as critical thought. We wish his daughter to tell him one day, Dad, don’t pretend you’re so great.”

The Zeit critic recognizes that the book is full of “fascinating rhetoric” and concludes: “Reading this book one can imagine the indescribable scenes during negotiations with creditors, when a romantic soul was crossing swords with realists holding hard, economic figures. No wonder Christine Lagarde had asked for an urgent dialogue with adults. Apparently Varoufakis was talking to her as if she was his daughter.”