Refugees on Greek Island of Chios Triple Despite EU Agreement

chios-refugeesThe number of refugees and migrants arriving on the Greek island of Chios has not stopped increasing despite Greece’s agreement with the European Union.

Between Saturday and Monday morning more than 200 people arrived on the island. Specifically, on Saturday morning 66 migrants and refugees arrived on the island, while on Sunday 96 people arrived on Chios, followed by another 41 on Monday morning.

According to local media, the situation has gotten out of control. The island can only accommodate 1,100 refugees and migrants, however, at the moment there are more than 2,800 people trapped on Chios, which is three times the limit set by the European Union in the recent agreement.

The agreement with Turkey is one part of the EU’s efforts to provide a lasting European solution to the refugee crisis. All other parts of the strategy will continue and accelerate, as proposed by the Commission and agreed by Member States. The European Council acknowledged that many parts of the response are producing results, in particular now that all hotspots in Greece and Italy are operational. However, as the Commission reported earlier this week, the relocation and resettlement of asylum-seekers must urgently speed up.