Wanted Terrorist and Bank Robber Trial Postponed

sakkas-seisidisThe trial of wanted terrorist Kostas Sakkas and bank robber Marios Seisidis has been postponed until Wednesday, August 17, 2016. The trial was postponed due to the absence of three police officers -witnesses in the case- who failed to appear in court even though they had been called to be present.

Before the court, Kostas Sakkas asked for his bullet-proof vest to be removed, a request that was accepted by the court for both defendants.

The defendants’ lawyer, Dimitris Katsaris, stated in court that the defense has not yet been informed about the file, while both men denied the accusations against them. Kostas Sakkas stressed that he wishes to look at the file.

“We were beaten and now they blame us for attacking,” he told the judges, while his lawyer informed the court that the defense would for the three police officer witnesses to testify in the trial.

Sakkas and Seisidis are facing offenses of theft (namely the car they used in Laconia), forgery (relating to the identity cards and car plates), resistance to authority, false statements and two traffic offenses.