Ankara Pushes Greece for the Extradition of the 8 Military Officials

turkish-officialsAnkara is pressuring Greece for the extradition of the eight military officials who arrived in Alexandroupolis, northern Greece, after the attempted coup in the neighboring country. The attorney general’s office in Istanbul sent the extradition request to the Turkish Ministry of Justice on Wednesday, August 10, in order for it to be officially sent to Greek authorities. At the same time, two Turkish military attachés to Greece have fled the country togetehr with their families.

According to the eight-page extradition request, the eight soldiers are accused of violating the constitution with force and violence, attempting to assassinate the country’s president, crimes against the legislative body and the government and robbery.

“Eight suspects boarded a Skorsky S 70 Black Hawk model helicopter belonging to the Samandıra Air Base and landed in a region near the Riva of Beykoz district. The suspects, who made phone calls while there, took off again on July 16 at 10:40 a.m. and landed in Greece. It was determined that the device which is a part of a transponder and also publishes MOD C altitude information had been removed and all military codes and flight information records of the helicopter had been deleted after landing in the Alexandroupoli region, according to information obtained from command personnel as a result of examinations,” the requisition reads, as cited by the Hurriyet Daily.

The request also states that the suspects are facing imprisonment from five years up to life for their crimes.

The asylum interview dates for the eight Turkish officials in Greece were postponed until August 19, 23, 24 and 25. Meanwhile, they are facing charges in Greece over illegal entry to the country.

Regarding the two members of the Turkish embassy that have disappeared, along with their families, Colonel Ilhan Yasitli (Turkish Armed Forces) and colonel Halis Tunc (Naval Forces), it was reported that the Greek Foreign Ministry canceled their accreditation on August 7, at the request of the Turkish Foreign Ministry.