Another 645 Refugees Arrived in Greece Over the Last Week

migration-greek-islandsFrom August 5 to 12, another 645 migrants and refugees arrived on the northern Aegean islands. This is the largest number of migrants and refugees arriving on the Greek islands per week since the attempted military coup in Turkey, which occurred on Friday, July 15.

The mass arrival shows the rampant situation that has been created on the coast of Turkey, in relation to the control of flows from the authorities in Turkey.

Out of the 645 migrants and refugees who arrived in Greece this week, 60 arrived on Samos island, where there had been not inflow during the last months.

On Friday, August 12, as part of the European Union-Turkey Agreement, there are 3,836 people trapped on the island of Lesvos. In Chios there are 3.021 and in Samos there are another 1.048 people.

The islands of the northern Aegean are hosting 7,905 refugees and migrants, despite the constant transfers of people to Athens where they meet with the primary committee that grants asylum to refugees.