Cyprus’ Wine Festival to Open August 25 in Limassol

wine festival cyprusThe Cyprus Wine Festival, that takes place every year in the southern coastal town of Limassol, will open its gates on the 25th of August and run until the 4th of September.

The event, that attracts thousands of locals and tourists, is held at the grounds of the municipal gardens in Limassol. Today, the Festival’s mascot, “Vrakas”, representing a Cypriot man dressed in traditional Cypriot men’s baggy trousers (called vraka in Greek), was placed at the entrance of the gardens to welcome all visitors to the festival.

Major wineries as well as regional ones will be participating in the Festival, offering visitors a great variety of wines. Stands with traditional food, delicacies and souvenirs will also be on offer.

The Wine Festival features dozens of other events such as traditional dances, concerts, theatre performances, storytelling, shows with magicians etc.

This year, the Festival’s program is circulated in the Russian language as well (apart from Greek and English).

Given the rise in the number of tourists visiting Cyprus this summer, the Municipality of Limassol expects more visitors than ever before.

Source: CNA