Fires Break Out in the Peloponnese and Corfu

    fire-corfuA large wild fire broke out in the area of Gytheio in the Peloponnese on the afternoon of August 12. A total of 17 vehicles, 50 firefighters and 34 hikers participated in the efforts to put out the fire, along with 10 firefighting aircraft.

    According to the Hellenic Fire Service, at the moment, the fire is not threatening any residential areas.

    Meanwhile, residents on Corfu island are concerned since three fire fronts broke out on the same day. Specifically, the fire front in the area of Strongyli is approaching the residential area. Twelve firefighters with 6 vehicles, 8 hiker and 3 firefighting aircraft are battling the flames, at the moment.

    Two fires also broke out in the areas of Barbati and Chlomatiana. Unfortunately, the strong winds on the island are making the firefighters’ work even more difficult. According to local news, houses were burnt in Barbati, however, the situation is considered to be under control.