Greek Fruit and Vegetable Exports Increase in First Half of 2016

φρ0θFruit exports surged in the first half of 2016, increasing by 47.4% in volume and 25.7% in value as 787,444 tons were exported bringing 413.939 million euros in revenue.

Vegetable exports increased by 23.5% in volume, reaching 152,822 tons, and 10.6% in value with revenues amounting to 108.309 million euros, according to recent ELSTAT data evaluated by the Greek Association of Export and Distribution of Fruits, Vegetables and Juices – INCOFRUIT-HELLAS.

Special advisor to the Association Giorgos Polychronakis said that, “In export volume, tangerines increased by 99.7%, oranges by 73.9%, strawberries by 12.7% and apples by 8%, compared to the same period in 2015 while the huge increase in lemons (971.1%) was due to the increased demand because of lack of supply from countries exporting the same products (losses in production).”

Polychronakis also said that in terms of export volume, cucumber exports increased by 30.2% and tomatoes by 20.1%.

Regarding summer fruits, the association advisor said that increases are expected in peaches, nectarines, watermelons and apricots, while the limited production in cherries this year will show a substantial decrease in exports.


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