German Tourist in Crete to Taxi Driver: ‘I don’t have to pay you because Greece owes Germany money’

German Tourist in CreteAfter taking what may be considered a long taxi ride from Agia Pelagia Hotel in Crete to the Airport in Heraklion, two German tourists refused to pay their taxi driver with the excuse that “Greece owes Germany money.”

Of course, life doesn’t really work that way and the German tourists were literally trying to get a free ride, which the taxi driver wasn’t about to let happen.

The taxi driver made a request for assistance to ELAS and the airport police were notified. Under the threat of having a formal complaint filed against them, the German tourists asked the taxi driver for his bank account number, saying that they would wire the money to his account when they returned to Germany.

The taxi driver didn’t have any of it and insisted that they pay up or face the consequences. Eventually, they did pay the taxi fare and boarded the plane to return to Germany.

According to the taxi driver this isn’t the first time that tourists, particularly Germans, have tried to take a free ride.


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