Actor Andreas Barkoulis, the Heart-throb of the 60s Dies at 80

    mparkoulikplsThe great Greek actor who stole the hearts of women in the 60s, Andreas Barkoulis, has passed away at 80 years-old.

    Barkoulis had faced many health problems in recent years.

    He passed away at Saint Olga Hospital after his last struggle with illness on Tuesday.

    Born in Piraeus on August 4, 1936, he first appeared on the big screen in 1956 in the Greek film Marie Pentagiotissa.

    Barkoulis was known for acting on stage as well as film. In his career he starred in some 110 films such as An Italian woman in Greece (1958), Have you seen Panayis? (1962), Jenny, Jenny (1965) and The Victim’s Logic (1990).

    He was the most popular male Greek actor during the 50s and 60s and was such a heart-throb that the coined saying of the era was: “Eh koritsia, o Barkoulis!” or, “Hey girls, it’s Barkoulis!”

    In the 1970s Barkoulis left Greece for the USA and upon his return to Greece he focused the later part of his career on theater work.