Greece’s State Debt Rises to €328.3 Bln

206914-22-130827greekeconomydebtThe bailout loan installment of 7.5 billion euros Greece received in July increased the country’s sovereign debt to 328.3 billion euros.

According to a Public Debt Management Agency (PDMA) bulletin, the biggest portion of the 7.5 billion euros was earmarked for the repayment of Greek bonds to the European Central Bank.

The bulletin figures also show that available cash in state coffers reached 3.1 billion euros compared to 2.08 billion at the end of March. In addition, the debt service account increased from almost zero to 5 billion euros, the amount used to repay the state bonds.

Furthermore, repos increased by 1 billion euros, reaching a total of 12 billion.

The data also shows that the average maturity of new debt is 10.8 years and the average maturity of the total debt has now reached 16.67 years. Finally, the loans guaranteed by the government are now equivalent to 13.8 billion euros, down from 15.1 billion in the first quarter.


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