Green Cola: A Greek Success Story Becomes Popular in Germany

1_192Green Cola appeared in the Greek market in 2012, at the peak of the economic crisis. Yet, only four years later, the sugar-free cola has become popular in Greece and Germany.

The advantage of Green Cola is that it uses the natural sweetener stevia, guaranteeing low calories. This and the fact that it is a Greek product is what made it popular in Greece first. The company is based in the border city of Orestiada, in the northeastern tip of the country.

According to a Kathimerini report, the entry in the German market happened with the help of Greekys, a company promoting innovative products in German-speaking countries. Soon, a new company was created to distribute Green Cola in Germany.

“Through Greekys we wanted to build a communications bridge between Greece and Germany and a climate of confidence,” Leonidas Stoikos, director of Green Cola Germany GmbH, told Kathimerini. After its appearance in 24-hour convenience stores, the Greek refreshment now features on the shelves of well-known German supermarket chains and delicatessens.

Now, the raw material of Green Cola is produced in Greece but the final bottling takes place in Germany. The tasty and refreshing cola with the natural low-calorie sweetener has won the confidence of German consumers.

Stoikos said that the German public is not discriminating against Greek products as is the general belief in Greece. When this happens is because of bad quality or high prices, he added. He believes that Greek exporters must continue their efforts to export to Germany because it is a fertile ground. However, he said, it should be done with professionalism through all stages, from production to the shelf.

Stoikos believes that the key to success “is the synergy between small and larger producers and qualified staff,” and “the cooperation with second and third generation Greeks abroad.”


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