Greek Health Minister: No Risk to Public Health from Malaria Outbreaks

blood banksThere are no risks to public health in Greece and blood banks are sufficiently stocked, Health Minister Andreas Xanthos said after a meeting with health services, responding to reports on lower blood donations and the extra measures taken to prevent further malaria outbreaks.
“Based on epidemiological data, the country is safe, as it is clear from the scientific opinions and evaluations, and blood donation is completely safe and we have adequate blood,” he said.

Commenting on malaria, Xanthos said the outbreaks are sporadic and are not a cause for concern. “There’s no health ‘time bomb’ in the country … we managed a huge, unprecedented flow of populations and said from the start we would not allow the refugee issue to be turned into a public health issue. We achieved that,” he added.
(source: ana-mpa)


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