British Girl Goes Blind After Spiked Drinks at Zakynthos Party


Spiked drinks (known as bombes) are served in some bars and clubs in Athens and resorts known for partying resulted in huge problems for one young Brit, aged 20. The young woman was rushed to Rio hospital in Patra on the mainland Peloponnese from the Ionian island of Zakynthos where she had been drinking these adulterated drinks.

She arrived to the hospital unable to see and with acute kidney failure after attending a drinking party with her friends. Though she appeared to be fine the next day, she then went to sleep for two consecutive days and woke up blind.

Pathology lecturer, Dr. Haralambos Gogos, says that methanol is known for its toxicity and can cause blindness when consumed as alcohol. Apart from problems to her sight, the young woman was also treated in the kidney ward. Doctors are still uncertain if she will regain her eyesight or fully recover from her kidney problem.

The young tourist’s parents rushed from London to be by their daughter’s side.

It should be noted that this is not the first time that adulterated alcohol has caused problems in Greece.


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