Corinth-Kiato Stretch of Olympia Odos Motorway Opened on Friday [pics]


    A 20-km stretch of the Olympia Odos motorway from Ancient Corinth-Kiato in Peloponnese was opened to traffic on Friday. Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras inaugurated the new portion of the highway that is part of a 201.5-km highway to connect Elefsina, Attica, with Patra in western Greece.

    The Derveni Tunnel on the Corinth-Patra section of the highway was also opened to the public. Tsipras later surveyed the two tunnels of Klokova Etoloakarnania of the Ionian Highway that will be opened to the public by the end of September.

    The Greek leader said that a renegotiation of contracts resulted in shaving off 172 million euros from the cost of constructing Olympia Odos, 230 million euros from the Ionian Highway and 225 million from Morea.

    Construction work on the highway is expected to speed up so that the highway can be delivered to motorists in March, 2017.

    The E65 Highway will be completed in 2020, making it possible to cover the route from Athens to Trikala in less than three hours, whereas the Pyrgos-Patras route will be ready in 2021 and railway projects for Athens-Thessaloniki and Athens-Patra are set for completion from 2018-2022.



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