Greek Olympic Champion: I’m Disgusted With the Federation and the Mayor

21ebbaa1eeefae1c0cf7e9891603cf9e_XLOlympic gold medalist in shooting Anna Korakaki attacked the Greek Shooting Federation and the Drama Municipality for not providing her with a practice facility.

The story of Korakaki practicing in a makeshift shooting range set up at a quarry near Drama in northern Greece had made headlines during the 2016 Rio Olympics. Korakaki won a gold and a bronze medal in shooting, practically one third of the total six medals Greece won in the games.

When it was found out that the athlete was practicing at the quarry without any support whatsoever from the federation, Drama Mayor Christodoulos Mamsakos demolished the makeshift shooting range. According to reports at the time, the mayor promised her father – Tasos Korakakis, who is also her trainer – that the municipality will provide a container-type practicing facility, and her father agreed.

However, upon her arrival to Greece, Korakaki did not find a practicing facility she could use. The shooting range at the quarry has been demolished and the facility the mayor promised is not there. Korakaki needs to resume practicing for the Shooting World Cup to be held October 7-8 in Italy.

“The first day of training is lost and so are the mayor’s promises!!! !! I don’t want to write what I feel about the mayor and the Federation, which, although they knew that I had to practice from the day I returned they didn’t even call me on the phone to ask what I am going to do. And all that one month before the World Cup final. It seems that all they are interested in now is the extraordinary general meeting they have in order to change the statutes. Disgusting!!!,” Korakaki wrote in her social media account.