Prosecutor Wants Olympiakos Chief to be Jailed Pending Trial for Match-Fixing


Greek shipowner and Olympiacos football club manager Vangelis Marinakis, aged 49, has been ordered to stand trial over charges of creating a criminal ring and football match fixing. Prosecutor Stamatis Daskalopoulos has pressed charges on Marinakis and dozens more being implicated. As a result of the severity of charges, Daskalopoulos is also suggesting that Marinakis be placed under pretrial detention on account of violating an existing order that bans him from getting involved in football activities.

More recently the influential shipowner gathered the spotlight for managing to secure one of four national TV licenses following a Big Brother-styled competition. He came out of the General Secretariat for Media and Communication with one of the four licenses worth 73 million euros for his channel, Alter Ego.

Marinakis has also been involved in politics on a local level after being elected into the Piraeus city council in May 2014 running with Piraeus Winner, an independent group.